April 23, 2017

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Friday April 21, 2017

    Law and order epic takes over

      By Marcelo Falak  / Guest columnist

    As storm clouds hang over economy, Macri opts for deepening the chasm

    Macri’s disappointing first year in office

      By Martín Guzmán  / Foreign Policy

    Cox film makes big-screen

      By Santiago Del Carril  / Herald Staff

    Just a week before the sold-out World Première of Messenger on a White Horse, director Jayson McNamara spoke to the Herald in a telephone interview from New Zealand where he was starting to prepare for the documentary’s screening at the Bafici film festival. Not only is the film’s release a first for McNamara but also for the Buenos Aires Herald’s former Editor-in Chief Bob Cox, as it’s the first documentary to be released about his experience heading the small English-language newspaper during the last military dictatorship.

    A documentary that looks for shades of grey

      By Sebastián Lacunza  / Editor-in-Chief

    France: A youth revolt boosts the far right bid

      By Griff Witte and James Mcauley  / The Washington Post

Analysis >

  1. Your View
  2. Could the libertarians (and anarchists) be right?
      By Michael Soltys / Senior Editor
  3. Macri’s disappointing first year
      By Martín Guzmán / Foreign Policy
  4. The politics of stereotypes
      By Marcelo J. García / For The Herald
  5. Eight days
      By Michael Soltys / Senior Editor
  6. Obstacles ahead for Piñera bid
      By Patricio Navia / For the Herald
  7. Facing teachers’ strikes: two proposed solutions
      By Edgardo Zablotsky / For the Herald
  8. Gibraltar-Malvinas: breathing fire
      By Nicolás Meyer / For The Herald

Editorial English >

  1. Lest ye be judged
  2. Economic platform without planks
  3. Distant thunder

Editorial Spanish >

  1. ¿Quién juzga al juez?
  2. Un plan económico sin sustento
  3. Truenos lejanos

Argentina >

  1. Paris attacks days ahead of elections
  2. Law and order epic takes over
      By Marcelo Falak / Guest columnist
  3. How other pundits see the switch
  4. Odebrecht seeks deal to keep Sarmiento project alive
  5. Panama Papers money-laundering investigation into Macri closed
  6. New evidence puts Báez in the hot seat
  7. Swiss president eyes infrastructre, energy and trade cooperation

Community >

  1. Law and order
      By Sorrel Moseley-Williams / For The Herald
  2. ANZAC Day in Buenos Aires
      By Michael Soltys / Senior Editor
  3. Do you ever feel it?
      By Liliana Palermo / For the Herald
  4. Virgilio on the world map
      By Sorrel Moseley-Williams / For The Herald
  5. May madness
      By Sorrel Moseley-Williams / For The Herald

Economy >

  1. IMF cuts estimates for Argentine growth to 2.2 percent
  2. Tierra del Fuego suffers biggest drop in employment
  3. US to launch probe into Argentina, Indonesia biodiesel imports
  4. Mexico looks south, sees trade deal with Argentina by end of 2017
  5. Is Argentine lemon ban Trump protectionism or sanitary measure?
      By Debora Rey & Natacha Pisarenko / Associated Press

World >

  1. Topsy-turvy French election goes down to the wire
  2. Gunman kills police officer, wound three on Champs-Elysees
  3. A youth revolt boosts the far right bid
      By Griff Witte and James Mcauley / The Washington Post
  4. Dangers of Trump's macho strategy with North Korea
      By Ishaan Tharoor / The Washington Post
  5. What Erdogan's narrow win means for Turkey and abroad
      By Amanda Sloat / Foreign Policy
  6. Ahmadinejad out of Iran race for president

Latin America >

  1. Venezuela opposition resumes mass protests after deaths
  2. General Motors shuts down operations
  3. Lies, videotapes and recession dash recovery hopes in Brazil
      By Mario Sergio Lima and Samy Adghirni / Bloomberg (*)

Culture >

  1. Cox film makes big-screen
      By Santiago Del Carril / Herald Staff
  2. A film that looks for the shades of grey
      By Sebastián Lacunza / Editor-in-Chief
  3. Art-house film festival kicks off amid INCAA crisis
      By Esteban Colombet / For the Herald
  4. Critic’s choice: what to watch for at this year’s BAFICI
      By Esteban Colombet / For the Herald
  5. ENERC school dean resigns amid Incaa row
      By Esteban Colombet / For the Herald
  6. A labour of love: Videla’s Bach Academy turns 35
      By Pablo Bardin / For the Herald
  7. What to do this weekend
      By Veronica Stewart / For the Herald
  8. And so it goes: Kurt Vonnegut, the writer of the hard, funny truths
      By Matías Carnevale / For the Herald
  9. On the far side of zany
      By Nicolás Meyer / For The Herald
  10. Recent releases
      By Herald Staff

Media >

  1. O’Reilly is out — how much turmoil can Fox News handle?
      By Callum Borchers / The Washington Post

Facts of Life >

  1. Hey you, avoid the break-up sex
      By Rachel Kramer Bussel / Special to The Washington Post
  2. Tantrums are starting to get old
      By Andrea Bonoir / The Washington Post

Sports >

  1. The law of the jungle
      By Dan Edwards / For the Herald
  2. River emerges as a title contender
      By Dan Edwards / For the Herald
  3. Juventus snuffs out Barcelona miracle hopes
  4. Finally... a decree to stop hooligans?
      By Eric Weil / Sportsworld
  5. All eyes on the Lions in NZ
      By Frankie Deges / Rugby column
  6. Our very own Legend
      By David Mackintosh / Golfing Traveller

Ecowitness >

  1. Carbon dioxide levels ‘could reach highest point in 50 million years by end of century’
      By Chelsea Harvey / The Washington Post

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